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I entered the Campus Movie Fest at Georgia State University, a student film contest. We will have a screening with the top short movies and people could win various awards and prizes.

My film is called Robot Within Him and it is a metaphor for mental illness.

At least for me it is the year of film.

Working with Nicole on a short film… Pre-production meeting Thursday… Building my portfolio…

Very excited!

Acting Class: Audition Commercial TV

(Click link above to download the flyer)

Acting Class:

How to Audition for Commercial TV:

Teens and Tweens:

Saturday (12/4/10) – (1pm-5pm)

Sunday (12/5/10) – (1pm-5pm)

  • BA Film and Video Production~Georgia State University
  • 30+ years Acting Experience

Call to secure your spot,only accepting 12 spaces (678) 401-6043

  • Practice Real Scripts
  • Sample Mailer to secure agent
  • Mailing Labels-Agent List
  • Learn What to Expect on Audition
  • Prepare Headshot and Resume
  • Watch progress on video
  • DVD-Video demo reel clips
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Learn methods and techniques

Just $250,

(a $1000 Value)

~ ~ ~

Call to secure your spot,only accepting 12 spaces(678) 401-6043

Located: Family Chiropractic and Wellness

104 Mirramont Lake Drive – Woodstock, GA 30189

( 1 Block North of Bells Ferry & Eagle Dr.)

Finally! It has been a long hard road but I am nearly at the end. I have already started my filmmaking career with my documentary “Evidence” and now working on “A Face of the Tea Party Movement”.

A fellow film student and I are collaborating on future projects and it includes film festivals. I am siked!

The big question is how can we make a living? There is not a lot of money in filmmaking these days.

The time has finally arrived. I have mentioned the independent film, “The Audition” by New Vision Film Group. I played a principal role. My character is Lisa Lockwood. If you want to learn more about the movie and my character, please visit:

We would love to see you at the premier!

I am taking a class at GSU called “Beyond Documentary” and we are supposed to do our own documentary. I have 2 ideas that are going to have to be done. The first one is centered around my own personal history with parental alienation. The second is called “Umbrella Lady” and it is going to be about this lady I met the other day. I will write about her later…gotta go work on my book because I am almost finished with my manuscript…ready to send query letters off to literary agents.

I am taking the class BEYOND DOCUMENTARY by  Roberto Arévalo at Georgia State University, where I am a student. I’m so excited! This is another incredible opportunity for me to see what aspect of film I love most…that is what drives me… How lucky am I? Yah!!

Yes, I am so excited! Today was my first day at  GSTV, Georgia State University’s college TV station. I am a producer. Thus far, GSTV has flown under the radar but a few very ambitious young people would like to change that. James Lafayette is one of those folks and he trained me today. I was so impressed with his drive and vision. It was a delight to be a part of the all new “GSTV’s coming of age”. Tonight, Atlantawood is debuting on GSTV and things were buzzing. I wish I could watch it at home, away from campus…sigh

I think working at GSTV will definitely broaden my horizons and I hope to bring something to the table for them! A win-win…

COMING SOON! “Kelly”, my hybrid morning talk show…cross between the Ellen show/the John Stewart show…political humor abound…

“Kelly” is a fun, entertaining, informative 30 minute talk show discussing the hot topics of today in the news and entertainment world. GSTV

< > does not have a show like this so far and the topics will be fresh and pertinent. I hate to use my name, as if I needed to hear it…I just thought of many names for the show,  but at the end of the day they limited me in scope and content. I decided just using my name would lighten the load and not build any expectations…it is what I make of it, right? I am going to find out. Either way it will be great for my resume when I graduate in 2010.



Hey xxxx! Thanks for asking, no problem.
Well, I am in the pre-production phase of a short film I wrote and am producing regarding The Fair Tax. I’ve been working on post-production marketing for an independent film I was in called “The Audition” and I just became a producer at GSTV and I am producing a daily 30 minute talk/variety show and creating a PSA for GSTV next weekend. Also, one of my screenplays (Wink) for a short film is being considered for production. For fun, I am doing a commercial for my friends who live up in Canton and run an automotive car repair shop.

I book gigs for my son. He is a wonderful musician! We are shooting his new music video next weekend as well AND as if I were not busy enough, we have 4 hours of studio time to produce his the audio for his video…wheew…most of this is just projects I am doing to build a strong portfolio when I graduate. I do earn income now but not nearly enough but that will come with my BA degree in film and video production. I should be done after Spring semester 2010 at GSU. I will finally graduate…glory, glory!

So, I call my business KellyKoe Talent~Entertainment: “Actress, Writer, Producer”. I told you about my production stuff but there is more…I am writing a fiction book. The rough draft is almost finished. I would like to write the book and then adapt to a screenplay.

If my short film (Wink) gets approved for production then I will write a full draft because they have a synopsis right now.

As far as acting goes, I have been acting my entire life and I have a lot of training in film and tv. I have a decent demo reel to show now. I can’t finish it until I get footage from “The Audition” movie. A video demo reel and headshot is crucial to being successful in the acting industry.

The other day I had a photo shoot scheduled because I am getting my commercial headshot done. It was an outdoor shoot and it was rained out.

Sorry this was so long. It helps me to explain it all. There are so many projects going on. What’s cool is that my kids are involved with this and it is a great bonding experience. The intensity of it has just come about this past year. It has been a work in progress and the time has finally come…at least soon enough…I have not shared much about it on my FB yet, but I will.

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So, did I answer your question? lol

I hope you are doing well. Keep in touch!

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