KellyKoe Talent- Actress, Writer, Producer


I am currently staring in an independent film called The Audition Movie. My character is Lisa Lockwood and she is one of many who goes on an audition and gets rejected by two rude casting directors. After a few attempts and more rejection she looses it and goes to teach those casting directors a lesson.

How well do you handle rejection?

How well do you handle rejection?

  • Buy tickets for our Red Carpet Premier- coming real soon!


  • Two Baby Daddy is a book

about a single mother being married twice, having a child with each husband and the damaging effects of two baby daddy’s who did not respect the mother. The story is about loss without death and the patchwork to reuniting a broken family. I try to keep it as light hearted as possible although it is a serious subject- parental alienation. This sweet story of love and hope will leave you better off than before you read the book, the kind you want to pass along. This book is ready for editing and proof reading.

Click here if you want to read the Introduction (rough draft version) of Two Baby Daddy.

  • Wink © is a comedic short film.

Click here if you want to read the Synopsis for Wink, a short film comedy by KellyKoe Talent.

  • Gracie © is a docu-drama- more to come real soon!

  • Fair Tax short film- Novemeber 2009.

  • Currently writing scripts for political humor meant for YouTube. Just for fun!


  • Music Booker- “momager”

  • KellyKoe Fair Tax video is slated for November production. I am currently scouting locations and talent.

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