KellyKoe Talent- Actress, Writer, Producer

Here is the introduction to the book I am writing.

I am still living without my daughter…

It was as if I were staring at my sister and I when we were little girls playing at the beach. So many times we had gone with our father to Sand Bridge in the summer to visit his side of the family and spend time with our cousins. Memories came flooding through like blood coursing through a vein. It’s amazing how an image can affect you. The sweet innocence of these little girls, so carefree, playing in the sand right by the waters edge was bringing me to my knees.

The youngest girl was probably around three years old and the oldest girl seemed around six. Both girls were so cute, but it was the little one who stopped me in my tracks. Something about her angelic little face, golden locks and the way the sun highlighted her silhouette made it appear as if she were glowing. Her pouted lips stuck out even further when her sister poured wet sand on top of her shell creation. It was so adorable when she put her hands on her hips, stomped and turned around. I assumed she was looking for her mother with the beginnings of a good cry.

When she turned around and met my gaze she stopped and froze; embarrassed that someone was looking at her. I decided to smile warmly and empathetically. I’m so glad I did because it seemed to make her feel better and she went on with her business. “A little distraction is all a girl needs”, I said to myself. She must have read my mind because she turned around, looked at me and giggled. We played peek-a-boo for a minute but then she was fully distracted by the sand crab that scurried out of her sand bucket.

It’s funny how things happen but I found great comfort in the space we had created. I was going through an emotional drain and she refueled me. The little girl looked so much like my sister, my hero, and acted so much like my daughter. Her golden curly hair was up in little pigtails. Her skin was flawless baby chub. The best of all was her sassy attitude. She really tickled me and reminded me of something very familiar; my son and daughter playing at the beach when they were little…my sister and I…playing…

As I reflected a moment more, I realized how incredibly sad I had become. Although I had a heavy weight on my chest, I also felt a spark of hope. I knew the sadness came from a deep knowing of what I felt I had lost, but somehow, some way, I just knew everything was going to be alright . The little girl on the waters edge was like an angel sent from heaven to give me strength inside. That cute little girl represented why I was there. I was there to get my daughter back.

Two Baby Daddy ©2009- KellyKoe Productions
  • This is the rough draft version before the proof reading 8-18-09 .

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