KellyKoe Talent- Actress, Writer, Producer

{October 6, 2009}   Working an internship at GSTV in production

Yes, I am so excited! Today was my first day at  GSTV, Georgia State University’s college TV station. I am a producer. Thus far, GSTV has flown under the radar but a few very ambitious young people would like to change that. James Lafayette is one of those folks and he trained me today. I was so impressed with his drive and vision. It was a delight to be a part of the all new “GSTV’s coming of age”. Tonight, Atlantawood is debuting on GSTV and things were buzzing. I wish I could watch it at home, away from campus…sigh

I think working at GSTV will definitely broaden my horizons and I hope to bring something to the table for them! A win-win…

COMING SOON! “Kelly”, my hybrid morning talk show…cross between the Ellen show/the John Stewart show…political humor abound…

“Kelly” is a fun, entertaining, informative 30 minute talk show discussing the hot topics of today in the news and entertainment world. GSTV

< > does not have a show like this so far and the topics will be fresh and pertinent. I hate to use my name, as if I needed to hear it…I just thought of many names for the show,  but at the end of the day they limited me in scope and content. I decided just using my name would lighten the load and not build any expectations…it is what I make of it, right? I am going to find out. Either way it will be great for my resume when I graduate in 2010.



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