KellyKoe Talent- Actress, Writer, Producer

Wink © is a comedic short film


Sandra Dyer is a 30-40 yr. old business professional. She appears to “have it all” but she is not happy. Sandra starts to analyze where she is going in life; and realizes it is all very shallow and unfulfilling. A work associate and friend of Sandra mentioned her own experience with a psychic reader who changed her life by pointing out what signs to look for and act on. Sandra decides to visit this psychic and this is where the fun starts.

The psychic, Moon Goddess, had to leave quickly to investigate a missing child case on a reality TV show. Moon Goddess’s sister, Alice was supposed to take care of the rescheduling and walk-in customers during her absence. Alice, bored, dressed up in her sister’s psychic garb; the head dress, the interesting make-up, the jewelry. It just so happened that Sandra came in the door all upset and didn’t give Alice the chance to explain the situation before Alice decided she better come up with something to make this hysterical woman feel better instead of letting her go back out in the world with her state of mind. Alice made things up as she went along and told Sandra that complete strangers will wink at her. Alice told Sandra that the wink is a sign from the angels; and that she was supposed to go in that direction.

The journey through the rest of Sandra’s day consisted of a string of hilarious events brought on by this false reading from the psychic’s sister. Sandra literally had five strangers: cab driver; homeless woman; hot work out dude; store clerk and preacher wink and set her off in some strange direction. Ironically, through all the turmoil and questioning of fate, Sandra’s journey led her to real happiness.

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