KellyKoe Talent- Actress, Writer, Producer

I am auditioning for my second feature film with the same film group- NVFG.

Today I booked Garland Kelley for a music gig Friday night and have 2 more pending…cold be a regular gig…getting the contract out!

Signing a contract on Thursday with NVFG to market The Audition movie’s red carpet premier at The Plaza Theater in Atlanta. We need to sell out 350 tickets and pull hold an interactive screening leaving the ticket holders more than satisfied while raising $1000 for Bert’s Big Adventure.

KellyKoe Talent is producing a series of web commercials for Riverside Automotive and establishing an internet presence. KellyKoe Talent is also scheduling a series of marketing events all geared to increase profits by 20% by the end of October 2009.

et cetera